QuestionPress - About Us

QuestionPress is the idea and creation of Alan Degener, technology teacher at Floyd Dryden Middle School in Juneau, Alaska.

The idea for QuestionPress came in 2008 when three new $2800 name-brand classroom clicker sets were ordered for my school. It dawned on me that these handheld clickers were somewhat limited in their ability and that laptops or other mobile devices and the Internet could do a better job. Not every student has a laptop or iPod, but they will some day soon.

Like other response systems, QuestionPress is not just for the k-12 classroom. Conference presenters, small group leaders, teleconference facilitators, distance delivery educators, and university professors will find QuestionPress useful.

QuestionPress built using a Ruby framework with a healthy dose of Java and AJAX.

QuestionPress is a division of Polar Dynamics, LLC, located in Juneau, Alaska.