QuestionPress - FAQ

What is the difference between "Live", "Asynchronous", and "Polling" mode?

  • "Live" sessions involve dynamic interaction between the presenter and the responders. The presenter can control the pace and order of questioning, share results as desired, and add/edit questions on-the-fly. Live sessions are typically used in a classroom or webinar setting where everyone is gathered together at the same time.
  • "Asynchronous" sessions let the responders work at their own pace and there is no interaction with the presenter. Examples of an Asynchronous session might include quizzes, checks for understanding, homework problems, and surveys. As with all QuestionPress sessions, Asynchronous sessions can be left open indefinitely to gather input from users near or far, now or later.
  • "Polling" is a form of asynchronous sessions where you can gather data from a large number of people (10 times your normal responder limit). The difference is that polling only gives you the sum total responses and does not keep track of individual data. For example, a poll might tell you that 78% of the responders answered "yes" but you would not know who those responders are. Polls can be easily embedded onto your website for visitors to participate in.

Can I have more than one session running simultaneously/concurrently?

Each account comes standard with one session - meaning you can only have one session open at a time. Additional concurrent sessions can be purchased at any time.

Can a responder be enrolled in more than one session (ie. two different presenters) simultaneously on the same computer?


Can more than one responder use the same computer/iPod to participate in an open session?

This is an option controlled by the presenter. You can choose to allow more than one responder per device. Once the first responder has completed the question set the second responder will be allowed to enroll.

Can I save responder lists to be used in the future?

Unlike the traditional clicker systems, there is no reason to save responder lists. For each session there is the opportunity for the responder to rapidly enroll themselves into that session.

Can I start a new session with the responders I already have enrolled?

Yes. For example, you may have an opening set of questions, a middle set, and a concluding set. Your responders only need to enroll once and then they can roll with you throughout the question sets.

Can I use QuestionPress for graded tests and quizzes?

Certainly, and QuestionPress will grade multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank, numeric, equation editor, sorting, and check all that apply questions for you. You can manual score every problem type and then export the combined scores into a spreadsheet.

Can I insert images, videos, or sound files into QuestionPress questions?

Yes, you can insert images using the WYSIWYG question editor. If those images are already on the web, it is as simple as "drag and drop". You can also upload your own images and QuestionPress will reformat them to make them more web friendly - (Adding Images - Quicktime / YouTube) You can also record sound bites up to two minutes and add those to any question - ( Recording Sound - Quicktime / YouTube). You cannot insert video at this time, but you can create a link to any media that is available on the web. Be careful linking to any large media files with large groups of responders as it may clog your modem.

Can the QuestionPress program be installed on my server?

No. At this time QuestionPress is remotely hosted.