How QuestionPress Works

In the simplest terms, the presenter posts questions on the QuestionPress webserver that the responders answer via a web browser.

Presenters can create questions on the fly, create questions in advance in the form of a question list, or choose to rerun questions from a previous session. Presenters can require the responders to follow their lead or allow the responders to answer all of the questions at their own pace.

Each presenter has a self-created unique identifier (QuestionPress Account Name), which the responders use in the QuestionPress url. For example, Dr. Brown may have selected "dr_brown" as his QuestionPress Account Name. The associated URL for the responders would be

Because each responder is on a computer, there is no need for a projector and screen. All questions, answers, graphs, charts, and response lists are delivered directly to the responders. If the presenter chooses to use a projector and a screen, the presenter can log on to a second computer to securely monitor the sessions responses in the Presenter's Account.

VIDEO See QuestionPress in Action (3:33 6.0MB Quicktime) - This video will show you a basic QuestionPress session.

For more information, examples, and videos, check out the Help Page.