QuestionPress - Pricing

Free Trial Accounts Available

You can set up a free trial account that is fully functional but is limited to 5 responders. Trial accounts also come with five 35-Responder bursts so you can give QuestionPress a thorough test before purchasing. This will allow you to see all of the great features of QuestionPress with no obligation.

Paid Personal Account Price Schedule

With QuestionPress you only have to pay for what you need.

Start with the how many responders you might have in a given session. If your class or group sizes are less than 35, then a 35-responder license would be plenty. Keep in mind that in Polling mode you get 10 times your regular responder limit.

Next, determine how many concurrently running sessions you might need. Every QuestionPress account starts with one session that can be run Live or Asynchronously. Many presenters find that a single session works just fine - just open it and close it as needed. But perhaps you want to run more than one session at a time. You can add additional Asynchronous Only or Live/Asynchronous session at any time.

Need More Info?

Number of
Responders Per Session
Single Session
Annual Fee
Add Optional Concurrent Sessions
Starting at
35 with 350 Polling$24+$10 each
45 with 450 Polling$31+$13 each
55 with 550 Polling$38+$16 each
65 with 650 Polling$45+$19 each
75 with 750 Polling$52+$22 each
85 with 850 Polling$59+$25 each
95 with 950 Polling$66+$28 each

Group Purchases Available

Buy 10 or more licenses and save 10%. Mix and match to suit your needs. Purchase orders accepted. Learn more about group purchasing.