Capital City Classic

Updated November 24, 2023



Teams on right side of schedule are HOME (white uniforms)

All games and contests will be held in the JDHS gym



Wednesday, December 27th

11:00AM - Coaches Meeting: JDHS Commons

1:00PM - Haines (AK) v Albuquerque (NM)- Girls

3:00PM -  Auburn Mountainview (WA) vs Albuquerque (NM) - Boys

5:00PM - Bettye Davis East Anchorage (AK) vs Juneau-Douglas (AK) - Girls

7:00PM - Eagle River (AK) vs Juneau-Douglas (AK) - Boys


Thursday, December 28th

1:00PM - Albuquerque (NM) vs Bettye Davis East Anchorage (AK)  - Girls

3:00PM - Albuquerque (NM) vs  Eagle River (AK) - Boys

5:00PM - Juneau-Douglas (AK) vs Haines (AK) - Girls

7:00PM - Juneau-Douglas (AK) vs Auburn Mountainview (WA) - Boys


Friday, December 29th

Team Tour, Contests, and Banquet:

12:00PM - Tour of Juneau: Albuquerque, Auburn Montainview, Bettye Davis East Anchorage, Eagle River, Haines

3:00PM - Shooting Contests - Open to the Public

5:00PM - Participant Banquet

Saturday, December 30th

1:00PM - Haines (AK) vs Bettye Davis East Anchorage (AK) - Girls

3:00PM - Eagle River (AK) vs  Auburn Mountainview (WA) - Boys

5:00PM - Albuquerque (NM) vs Juneau-Douglas (AK)   - Girls

7:00PM - Albuquerque (NM) vs Juneau-Douglas (AK) - Boys

8:30PM -  Awards - JDHS Gym