Fastbreak Club

It’s time to renew or initiate your membership in the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears Fast Break Club. The club’s purpose is to give financial support to the Bears boy’s basketball teams while helping other Bears activity groups. This year the FBC has three membership levels.

White - $50.00 and includes 1 FBC Bears T-Shirt (please pick up at home game)

Black - $75.00 and includes 1 FBC Bears Hooded Sweat Shirt (please pick up at home game)

Crimson - $125.00 includes 2 FBC Bears 1/4 Zip Sweat Shirts (please pick up at home games)

Championship - $250.00 includes 2 FBC Bears 1/4 Zip Sweat Shirts (please pick up at home games); 5 FBC raffle tickets and a Carlos Boozer autographed piece of the basketball floor

In addition, each paying member will receive his/her name on the Fast Break Club banner located above the basketball office in the main gym and on the FBC link on the team’s website showing your personal support to the program. Names will be posted during the season.

Please renew your membership or become a new member with the FBC by returning the enclosed renewal form as soon as possible. You may also submit payment online with PayPal (link below). Remember, your paid membership provides opportunity to our youth in many ways and may be tax deductible!

Membership Levels

Click Here to View the FBC Enrollment Form

If you are interested in joining the club or you would like more information:

Click here for an application you can print off, fill out, and send in. You can also click the above links to join with a credit card through our secure PayPal option.

Club Officers:
  • Steve Brandner , President
  • George Houston, Vice President
  • Paul Dick, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Steve Potter, Board Member
  • Craig Kahklen, Board Member
  • Keela Kelly, Board Member
  • Greg Huebschen, Board Member
  • Steve Houlihan, Board Member
  • Kevin Casperson, Board Member